Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for

I am thankful that God’s Word is preached faithfully each week in local churches.  Lives are transformed.  Sinners are convicted.  Christians are encouraged.  Disciples are made.  God is glorified.  The gospel changes lives.

I am thankful that the gospel is shared every day through the ministry of the local church.  Millions become followers of Christ each year by the faithful witness of those in the local church.  Evangelism is truly the heartbeat of many churches.

I am thankful that countless Christians become more devoted followers of Christ through Bible studies in local churches.  Faithful teachers and students prepare lessons and come together each day throughout the week.  Their time in the Word brings transformation to their lives.

I am thankful that sacrificial ministry takes place every day through the ministry of local churches.  Church members care for the sick, bring food and clothes to the needy, visit those in prison, and offer hope and resources to heal and strengthen families.

I am thankful that local church members give sacrificially, not only for the ministries of the church locally, but for mission work throughout the world.  Local churches in America both give to missions and send out missionaries.

For these things, and so much more, I am thankful for the local church.

Yet . . . though all these things are “things” to be thankful for, none are worthy.  For HE and He alone is worthy to be praised.  I am thankful for my GOD in heaven that HE loved me enough to send HIS SON to die for me.  I am thankful that though HE knows me more than I know myself HE still took my sin penalty and loves me in spite of myself.  I am thankful that one day HE will return for me and bring me home.  And I am thankful as I repeat John’s words in Revelation, “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”